Taking a strategic approach to getting required permits for construction or infrastructure projects can mean the difference between executing a project on time and on budget, or incurring significant delays that mean lost time and increased costs.  It also sets up a positive relationship with regulatory authorities at the federal, provincial/state and/or municipal levels for ongoing operations at a facility.  

Specializing in environmental permits and licences, Anne Tennier Consulting Inc. can quickly and thoroughly analyze your permitting needs.  It can also analyze the interaction with other permits such as site plan approvals, building permits, natural resources’ permits, etc., and develop a strategic plan to acquire permits in a timely fashion so that projects can proceed knowing all the regulatory requirements that apply to them.

Government Relations

Whether it’s a decision to spend, tax, legislate, regulate or develop policy, governments have a profound impact on the success of an organization. And understanding who the decision makers are that influence change, and the structures and processes of government, can be very complex and time-consuming. Anne Tennier Consulting Inc. can help you navigate these areas and build long-term relationships with federal, provincial and municipal governments.

Together with Pathway Group, Anne Tennier Consulting Inc. offers integrated public affairs, government relations, and communications services. Collectively through our in-depth knowledge and experience, our professionals provide clients with expertise in: developing effective strategic plans to advance their goals and objectives, connecting and building bridges with the right decision-makers, helping communicate their story to government, providing insight and analysis into public policy issues, and understanding the intricate political processes at work in all levels of government in Canada.

Community Engagement & Consulting

Effectively engaging the community before a project begins, during design and construction and after a project is completed is vital to the success of a project.  Increasingly, companies are recognizing that their social licence to operate is just as important, if not more important, than its regulatory licences and permits.  Anne Tennier Consulting Inc can help companies and organizations develop their community engagement and contact programs by:

  • Providing an environmental scan;
  • Developing a social, environmental and economic profile of the project;
  • Identifying key community influencers and stakeholders;
  • Developing a strategic plan and associated materials to support community engagement activities, and;
  • Supporting relationship development that is focused on trust, credibility and acceptance that both the company or organization and the community have needs that must be met to lead to successful project execution and ongoing integration into the community.

In addition, as a committed community volunteer, Anne Tennier works with many non-profit organizations to achieve their goals, whether through good governance, fundraising, government contacts or strategic planning.  Anne is always open to lending a hand or providing advice on a volunteer basis.


Having a well-trained workforce is crucial for a company or organization in order to maintain regulatory compliance and its social licence to operate, minimize its environmental footprint and maintain a positive reputation in the community.  However, many companies do not have the resources or skill sets to develop and deliver effective training in these areas. 

Anne Tennier Consulting Inc. can analyze your training needs and develop customized training solutions that assist management and employees in understanding your obligations in each of these areas. With more than 30 years of experience in industry, Anne Tennier Consulting Inc. can offer focused and pragmatic training programs that are geared to your particular needs.



I have known Anne for nearly 10 years; our paths first crossed at a Trade Meeting in Washington DC and we worked side by side during my 6 year tenure at Maple Leaf.  She is, without qualification, the consummate professional.  Her depth of knowledge in the environmental space alongside her extensive network make her an invaluable ally.  I am honored to consider her a friend but I am even more happy to know that when I have need of expertise, she’s already on speed dial."

Sharon Beals
VP Food Safety and Quality Assurance
US Foods

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